2021 Yoshihito SANAKI

Internship at Vietnam




<What did you learn through the program especially in internship?>

I learned how local financial institutions develop their new businesses through my internship in Vietnam. I was doing my internship at Digital Factory, one of the departments of my host company, and was in charge of new business developments by applying digital technology. I experienced a wide range of tasks such as doing market research, making business plans and developing partnerships between the host company and other companies. I was able to learn the practice to develop new businesses through these experiences. In addition, I also learned a lot from the experience to be involved in the business culture of Vietnamese financial institutions that make decisions quickly and try new things actively without being afraid of change.

<How the experience may help your current / future job?>

After ABL, I was transferred to a planning department which is in charge of business developments in ASEAN countries and I am in charge of Vietnam. I am fully using the knowledge about the financial industry in Vietnam and local human network gained through the internship in this new department. Going forward, I also believe that the cross-cultural understanding skill cultivated through ABL will be useful in any future jobs.

<Message for the new researchers>

I spent a meaningful and wonderful time during ABL. I had a lot of exciting experiences I had never had, and I learned a lot from them. That is why time passed by so quickly and I felt like the year is over in a blink of an eye. I would like the current and future ABL researchers to have a clear purpose and a specific action plan to maximize their learnings. Hope ABL researchers have a fruitful and wonderful year!









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