Module0 - Intensive English Training (optional)

program img02  For those who are not confident with English skills, intensive training will be provided in Philippines, to acquire comprehensive English skills. Not only Language training, but also lectures and discussions related to Asian business may be provided by guest lecturers from Ateneo University in Quezon, Philippines. Trainees are expected to get total communication skills through this intensive program.

Module1 - Core Competency Development 

program img03

In this module, principal themes and business cases in each of Asian countries are taught. Prominent lecturers invited from each country give detailed and practical lectures. Trainees are expected to acquire valuable business know-how on targeted country. Based on the lectures, trainees will develop their business plans in the field of their business specialties (which will be continuously improved throughout the following modules). Lectures will be given in Tokyo, Japan.
principal themes this module target to

Theme 1: Circumstances in each country

Theme 2: Leadership and Human Resource Management

Theme 3: CSR / Business Ethics・・・

Theme 4: Internship plan

Module2 - Advanced Competency Development 

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Advance the contents Module 1 treated, strengthen communication skills fundamental for Asian business / global business, get advanced competency which will be powerful business tools.

Competencies expected to be acquired in this module

1. Communication skills

2. Business writing and presentation

3. Asia business analysis (e.g.) develop business/internship plan in English

Field Research(Internship) 

  Based on the knowledge learnt through Module 1 & 2. trainees are expected to be engaged in field trainings which trainees plan depends on their own business fields and needs. Through the training, trainees are expected to practice their knowledge, as well as build up local networks. Necessary advice and support will be provided on demand.

Module 3  Final Wrap Up

 program img05 Final wrap up sessions are held in Kyoto. Presentation and debate on cross country comparative study as summary of the course. Examples of debate themes are HRM, PR, CSR, etc. Trainees make their business model proposal, which will be discussed among the trainees and lecturers to improve as well.