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Planning / Management Graduated from the Kyoto University Faculty and Graduate School of Engineering. PhD (Engineering). Assistant Professor at Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering, Associate Professor and Professor at Tottori University Faculty of Engineering before becoming Professor at Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport National Land Development Council Member; Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Social Capital Committee Member; Transport Policy Council of Japan Member; Civil Engineers Journal Editorial Board Chairman; American Society of Civil Engineering Vice Editor-in-Chief; Applied Regional Science Conference President; Science Council of Japan Coalition Member; Visiting Fellow for IIASA, OECD and World Bank.


Gautam Ray

Economic Growth and Development, Supply Chain Management, Public Policy Analysis M.A.(Economics) and Ph.D (Boston University), Bachelor of Laws (Delhi University), M.Sc. (Calcutta University), B.Sc. (Honors) (Presidency College, Calcutta)



Corporate Management, Business Creation,
Human Resources Development
Graduated from the Kyoto University Faculty and Graduate School of Engineering. PhD (Engineering). Worked as Executive Director of the Nomura Research Institute, President of NRI Network Communications, President of NRI Learning Network, and Consultant of the Nomura Research Institute. Served positions as Chair of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Communication Policy Bureau Teleport System Research Council, Member of the Science Council of Japan Urban and Regional Planning Research Committee, Member of the JASDAQ Securities Exchange IR Recognition Committee, and others.
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Professor Kwangmoon KIM

Transport & regional economy, Economic Statistics, Theory of International Cooperation.ト Graduate school of Engineering, Nagoya University, 1998, Dr.Eng, Japan, worked for JSPS Manila Project, JBIC/JICA project, Danang economic university (visiting research fellow),
Taught at Graduate school of engineering, Kyoto University. Fellow of Association of Regional Association of Regional Econometric and Environmental Studies (AREES)"


ABL Secretariat

 kanami Yoriko KANAMI Kyoto University
fukutomi Yuko FUKUTOMI Kyoto University
 hirao Yoshiaki HIRAO KBRC