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Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University and Kyoto Business Research Center (KBRC) collaborate to promote ABL Project under the collaborative agreement as well as they partner with number of prominent business schools in major Asian countries.
The Management Meeting is held with ABL participating companies to update the ABL Project and exchange opinions as needed basis.
The students of ABL Project are awarded as a researcher of Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University for one year. They learn and research to be a global business leader; develop and verify their business plan through the Internship, and travel overseas in major Asian countries to be a short- term international student there and have internship at local host company.

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  Name Specialized Fields Background


Tadashi YAMADA

 Logistics, Transport Planning

Graduated from the Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering. PhD (Engineering). After working as Lecturer in Kansai University and Associate Professor in Hiroshima University, become Associate Professor in Kyoto University.


Distinguished Professor


Planning / Management

Graduated from the Kyoto University Faculty and Graduate School of Engineering. PhD (Engineering). Assistant Professor at Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering, Associate Professor and Professor at Tottori University Faculty of Engineering before becoming Professor at Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport National Land Development Council Member; Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Infrastructure Committee Member; Transport Policy Council of Japan Member; President of Japan Society of Civil Engineers; J. of American Society of Civil Engineering Vice Editor-in-Chief; Applied Regional Science Conference President; Science Council of Japan Coalition Member;President of Japan Association of Asset Management(JAAM); Visiting Fellow for IIASA, OECD and World Bank




Corporate Management, Business Creation,
Human Resources Development
Graduated from the Kyoto University Faculty and Graduate School of Engineering. PhD (Engineering). Worked as Executive Director of the Nomura Research Institute, President of NRI Network Communications, President of NRI Learning Network, and Consultant of the Nomura Research Institute. Served positions as Chair of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Communication Policy Bureau Teleport System Research Council, Member of the Science Council of Japan Urban and Regional Planning Research Committee, Member of the JASDAQ Securities Exchange IR Recognition Committee, and others.

Adjunct Professor


Global business leader development / Strategy

Having worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in its London and Tokyo offices as a strategic investment consultant (mainly for M&A and Business Recovery Services), worked in Osaka as an HRD consultant at Globis Corporation (Globis Management School). Served as the general manager of its Osaka office and a member of the group executive board before becoming independent in 2008. Currently working as a management and HRD consultant, and also as a lecturer at corporate management training programs.

 moritakeo 1

Adjunct Professor

Takeo MORI

Public Private Partnership

Graduated from the Kyoto University Faculty of Law(1984).  
Worked for The Kansai Electric Power Co. in HR Representative, Communication enterprise and Sales. Seconded to Union of Kansai Governments, as Advisor to the President Public-Private-Partnership (2012-present). Currently, The Organizing Committee of the World Masters Games 2021 Kansai, as Advisor to the President (2013-present)and The KANSAI Tourism Bureau as Chief Executive Officer(2016-2018).
 Nakayama 2

Adjunct Professor


Energy model analysis, Climate policy Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Engineering. PhD (Engineering). Developed career through working as a researcher of energy and climate policy in J-POWER, studying as a visiting researcher at Center for Energy and Environment Policy Research MIT while observing international climate policy negotiations. Currently serving as Executive Officer of J-POWER and Member of the Board of Directors of Global CCS Institute.
TohyamaEmi blue back

Senior Lecturer

Emi Tohyama

Linguistics, Cross-cultural communication

Education: Bachelor of Language and Culture, Osaka University, Osaka (2013), Master of Linguistics, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Hanoi (2016), Ph.D. of Language and Culture, Osaka University, Osaka (2019)
Career History: Research Associate for ABL course (Apr. 2019 – Present)



 kanami Yoriko KANAMI Kyoto University
Hayashi2022 2 Hiroko HAYASHI Kyoto University
hirao Yoshiaki HIRAO KBRC
 fukutomi Yuko FUKUTOMI KBRC