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2020 Yuri MOTOMURA

Internship at Indonesia(Online) ,




<What did you learn through the program especially in internship?>

I learned key business development skills and knowledge related to Asian business through many informative lectures and internship activities. In my case, I did an internship at a local financial institution in Vietnam while doing an online internship at Financial Services Authority of Indonesia in parallel, where I mainly researched financial inclusion in Asian emerging markets. During the internship, I got many opportunities to have a discussion both online and offline with various local people from financial authorities, financial institutions and fintech companies. Such experiences helped me understand the differences of how financial services should be between in Japan and in Asian emerging markets.

<How the experience may help your current / future job?>

I am currently in charge of arranging project finance for domestic renewable energy projects in the Structured Finance Department. English skills that I cultivated through the ABL program helps me communicate with foreign clients in my current workplace. In addition, having much discussion with other researchers in various industries gave me a different point of view towards my company’s business and strategy. I believe those experiences will be useful to me in my future career.

<Message for the new researchers>

I could meet various people, business, cultures and ways of thinking for one year I spent as an ABL researcher. Every moment of those experiences was stimulating and meaningful for me. I hope you can make the most of this valuable opportunity and enjoy your ABL journey with a positive attitude and challenging spirit.









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