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 2018 Yuta KATAOKA
Internship at Philippines



<What did you learn through the program especially in internship>

I participated in a railway company in the Philippines as Internship program. In the Philippines, especially Manila, traffic congestion has become serious far beyond imagination, and development of transportation infrastructure such as railways is strongly desired. They are serious about how to provide stable transportation and how to get better railways, so I felt that such a passion was universal. On the other hand, factors considered important in the Philippines are different from those in Japan. It is important not to export Japanese style as it is but to customize it to local needs in order to conduct business. To realize, I found out that it was important to know local culture and history.

<How the experience may help your current / future job?>

With the rise in inbound demand in recent years and the spread of railway construction in each country, there are many people who want to see the railway business in Japan. As one of my tasks, I am in charge of coordination such visits from overseas. Language skills and various knowledge obtained through ABL are helpful in implementing visits. In the future, I would like to plan such a project as to how to extend Japan's railways in abroad and contribute to the development of foreign countries.

<Message for the new researchers.>

ABL is also a program with special experiences, unlike expatriates. In Module 1 you will be able to receive lectures of various contents from various instructors in a short time, which will be a great opportunity to spread your knowledge. Also, in the internship, you will be participating not as a member of a Japanese company but as a member of a local company, so I think you will gain the ability to think through yourself. I think one year is shorter than you think. Please learn and enjoy with a solid goal what you want to get.

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How the experience may help your current / future job