06 Kitamura

2015 Yurie KITAMURA
Internship at Malaysia



<What did you learn through the program especially in internship>

Through the ABL Program, I learnt various things from ASEAN countries teachers, and had a special experience which I hardly get through in Japan.
Especially in the internship, I was assigned to a private-owner company which owns and operates one of the largest shopping centers in Asia and got knowledge about how to work being different from Japanese companies, and lifestyle habits and cultural differences etc. of Muslims / Overseas Chinese.

<The experience helped for how your current job>

Currently, I belong to the group promoting the overseas business of Life-style business development (non-railway business) and I am in charge of negotiation and business review with each business counterpart mainly in Asian countries.
My experience in Malaysia helped me to understand how to proceed and negotiate businesses with my foreign counterparts, in a way not to impose the commonplace of Japanese business style, but to understand the backgrounds of differences in their cultures, customs and religion.

<Message for the new researchers>

My relationship with colleagues of Internship company in Malaysia and the same class of ABL is quite precious. In order to make the lives of customers using Asian railroads more rich in the future, I would like to continue thinking about what I can contribute in my responsibility.
I wish it will become a valuable one year for every researcher who will participate in the program. Lastly, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the concerned parties of Kyoto University, Malaysia IIUM, and interns who provided such opportunities.


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