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2017 Shigeto TSUCHIYA
Internship at Thailand



<What did you learn through the program especially in internship>

I learned a key point of view for business development, historical and cultural background, and things to keep in mind such as religion and business customs to do business successfully in Asia through many lectures and various experience in internship. In addition, I could improve some practical skills like English speaking, presentation, and PowerPoint by practicing them repeatedly in some lectures and communication with colleagues so that I no longer have any anxiety and hesitation to speak English and even make a presentation in English. Because I did internship in the company that operates Seven Eleven in Thailand, I introduced some products and services of Japanese convenience store as well as researched food culture, preference, and market difference based on customer profiles in order to come up with new business ideas in convenience store. Through this program I found out the difference in value of work and life such as sense of family, career, time, etc. Furthermore, I could make a lot of human network and improve my Thai language skill up to conversational level by working with Thai colleagues.

<The experience helped for how your current job>

I transferred to international related division that responsible for advisory and market research for business expansion into ASEAN countries. I’m in charge of Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. I think that what I learned and experienced through ABL Project will help me to give useful advice and information to my client because there are quite a few people in my company who have worked in Thai local company. Also, it is helpful for me that I could improve my English communication skill through ABL because my current job requires to collect some information written in English and communicate with foreign staff. Furthermore, as I had felt that working only in my company would make my sight narrow, this internship to convenience store business gave me precious experience to get wide perspective. Retailers have to develop their new products and services in order to catch up with fast trend and changing needs of customers. I could learn how fast their needs could change and how important marketing strategy is. This is what I won’t be able to get if I work only in the bank.

<Message for the new researchers>

ABL Project gives you not only the opportunity to learn English and Asian business but the chance to meet many people. Because you have to use English to communicate with most of these people, you will realize the importance of English communication skill to make global human network through this program. I don’t think that Module 0, English learning course in Manila, is enough to improve your English skill up to conversational level at once because it is only 6 weeks. But if you really feel pressure and necessity to improve your English, and clarify what to do for further achievement in learning English after Module 0, you can utilize the rest of 10 months effectively and efficiently. In Module 1, you will have to communicate with lecturers in English interactively. If you tackle with this challenging lectures and presentations actively, you will have confidence to communicate with foreign colleagues and make a presentation in English when you do internship in foreign country. Finally, ABL network with researchers is very precious and important. It will be your asset in life. They also give you some perspectives that you have never had and you can learn each other. I would like you to enjoy this program with them.


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