06 Kato

2017 Marina KATO
Internship at Thailand



<What did you learn through the program especially in internship>

<The experience helped for how your current job>

<Message for the new researchers>

Thanks to the big supports from all related people, I was given an opportunity to do my internship at the Thai governmental organization, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society in Bangkok. So many unexpected events happened during my stay there and I was often concerned with many kinds of differences between Thailand and Japan. Gradually, I got to know how to fit into the local cultures and was finally able to build a good relationship with Thai locals. I tried to put myself in their position and to be aware of their needs and this process lead me to my confidence. Also, the working environment that women play a significant role in Thailand stimulated me a lot. Furthermore, the experience of living abroad and communicating with other researchers from various industries strengthened my mental toughness and broadened my view.
After completing the ABL program and returning to the company, I was transferred to the overseas department from the current domestic department. I would like to make use of the English proficiency, sturdiness, network, etc. that I cultivated in this training program. I sincerely wish for all the new researchers to be successful and gain a lot through the program.


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