2022 Nanase HORI

Internship at Philippines




<What did you learn through the program especially in internship?>
Through the ABL program, I was able to learn key points in new business, the economies and cultures of Asian countries, and the importance of being proactive. During my internship, I was assigned to the Research & Consulting Department at JLL Philippines: a global real estate company that provides real estate services. I was involved in real estate market research in response to client requests and the preparation of in-house market reports published on a quarterly basis. I was able to learn about the differences in real estate business practices and markets between the Philippines and Japan through information from various local real estate companies and brokers, as well as through inspections to check the occupancy status and tenants of commercial facilities by ourselves. Outside of work, I was able to experience firsthand the differences in culture, such as the actual lifestyle and religious events, through socializing with Filipino friends, which I would not have been able to understand only through work. After returning to Japan, my Filipino friends visited me in Japan and our relationship continues. I think one of the most attractive points of ABL is that we can build new relationships with people we would never have in our daily work, including my ABL classmates.

<How the experience may help your current / future job?>
In April 2023, I was transferred to the department for inbound support, which introduces Japanese real estate to overseas investors, and I will be working in the Hong Kong office. Our clients are mainly from Hong Kong and Main China, and I am in charge of introducing properties, meeting with them when they arrive in Japan, inspecting the properties, signing contracts, and handing over the properties, in cooperation with members of the Tokyo office. The importance of business English writing and presentation, which I learned at the Ateneo University training program, is truly realized in practice. Although I still need to have a challenge on my business English conversation skills but the courage I have acquired through ABL is very useful when making phone calls and meeting with overseas clients. I also have many opportunities to talk about Asian economics and real estate market with business partners and customers, and I am able to make use of the basic knowledge I learned through the ABL. Although my current work is very different from before I joined ABL, and I will be taking on the challenges of a new department, I would like to tackle my work with the indomitable spirit I have gained through ABL.

<Message for the new researchers>
I think the most important thing in the ABL program is to "be proactive and take the initiative". I felt that the learning and sense of accomplishment I gained was greater when I was able to act on my own initiative when making business plans, doing assignments during lectures, deciding on countries and companies for internships, learning English, and so on. In particular, the 6-week Business English training at Ateneo university and the 5-month internship seemed long, but it went by very quickly. I hope that you all will willingly communicate with your colleagues and business partners and have a fulfilling time. In my case, I spent a lot of time facing my weaknesses at ABL, and I sometimes felt negative, but at such times, everyone in the ABL office and ABL classmates helped me. I think it is rare to spend so much time with people from other companies on a daily basis, so I hope that you all will have an enjoyable year, helping and stimulating each other.









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