2022 Seigo MIZUNO

Internship at Thailand




<What did you learn through the program especially in internship?>
In Thailand, I did my internship at a transportation research institute and construction consulting firm, where I mainly conducted research on local TOD (Transit Oriented Development) projects. During the first half of the internship, I deepened my understanding of the local transportation situation by visiting and talking to various local experts. In the second half, I gathered specific information on TOD project trends and considerations, and also introduced Japanese case studies. In this program, I learned not only the differences in history, characteristics, laws, and regulations between Japan and Thailand, but also that I can open up any path I want, depending on my own thoughts and active actions even in foreign countries and in different fields.

<How the experience may help your current / future job?>
Currently, as a part of human resource exchange with overseas railroad operating company, I coordinate tour related to our railcar maintenance and the technology introduced therein. In the future, I would like to plan new businesses overseas, utilizing the opportunities for exchanges with overseas companies like this and the human networks and knowledge I have built at ABL.

<Message for the new researchers>
I believe that ABL is a program that allows you to reconstruct your own conventional and stereotypical way of thinking. In addition to lectures by professors from Asian universities on economics, culture, religion, and other topics, there are also opportunities to hear lectures from private companies on smart cities, supply chains, energy, and other social infrastructure from a global perspective.
During the internship, you need to do a wide range of tasks if you want, from exploring and setting issues to forming personal relationships and building a business model, but by thinking thoroughly and taking action, you will gain a sense of accomplishment and experience that is irreplaceable.
You now have once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so by all means, enjoy it and do your best.









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