05 Miki Zago

2019 Miki ZAGO
Internship at Thailand




<What did you learn through the program especially in internship?>

The internship company was Corporate Venture Capital which invests in cutting edge startup technology and services in order to transform and synergize its business. Although it was a different industry that I had never experienced before, I learned the speed of quickly getting information from overseas and implement it to business.

<How the experience may help your current / future job?>

I currently support a company that develops digital solution systems for global end-users. I often collaborate with its local subsidiaries and startup system developers mainly in North America and Europe. ABL cultivated my communication skills which considering the various cultural background of each country.

<Message for the new researchers>

ABL is a special opportunity to broaden your network of contacts with other participants and other parties outside of your company, so please do not hesitate to communicate beyond your specialty and enjoy your chance.