09 Nonaka

 2018 Satoshi NONAKA
Internship at Malaysia



<What did you learn through the program especially in internship>

I had an internship in a Malaysian based IT start-up company, and I learned latest discount insurance premiums system, which is called Telematics Insurance. I had a lot of valuable experiences, because Telematics Insurance is receiving large global attention. On the other hand, I learned Islamic insurance, which is called Takaful in International Islamic University Malaysia. As I had a one-on-one lecture by a specialized professor, my understoodig developed very quickly.

<How the experience may help your current / future job?>

Currently I am in charge of reviewing value chain business in the insurance field for our clients, and planning new services and products. There is no single manual, because what is required to me is planning a new business. So I use everything I had learned in ABL, such as SWOT Analysis, Business Model Canvas and the knowledge of Telematics.
I am working with foreigners. So I also make the most of English and mind of Diversity Inclusion.

<Message for the new researchers.>

ABL program has only one year, so I recommend you set qualitative and quantitative targets at early stage. And please feel the latest information of Asian Business with your whole body. I think it will be a valuable experience.

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