13 Terada

2017 Takatoshi TERADA
Internship at India



<What did you learn through the program especially in internship>

In India, I worked with local people in the same perspective and acquired a lot of things while actual discussion at meeting s. Especially in active discussions, I understood way of decision making between managers, how leader manages tasks for member and merit / disadvantage of local style. Also getting a practical suggestion to follow/enforce their skill to manage them was also significant experience for me.

 <The experience helped for how your current job>

Firstly, by the lecture of each country’s professors, I learned how to organize information with frameworks to organize business. Developing conceptual skill with these methods was meaningful for my work to consider business.
Secondly, I began t think “why” more deeply.  The background that particular IT services are used in the country have rational reasons. Therefore I felt understanding political things and way of thinking of local people is important for business.

<Message for the new researchers>

The result of this program will be variable depending on how you utilize this program to grow yourself.  Not only professor’s lectures and internship, but also other attendee’s experience and knowledge will help your learning. This program give opportunities for us to aware what we don’t have yet and what we already have as strength. Therefore I hope all of you to try new things positively.


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