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Intenrship at Philippines



I am pleased and proud that the 3rd class of ABL program has successfully started this year.

I was assigned to the Philippine Stock Exchange as one of the participants in the 1st class of ABL program. Through the internship program, I conducted approximately 80 times interviews for 27 institutions, such as financial institutions, listed companies and industrial associations, to make research papers on the Philippine capital market and business model and plan of the investment fund business in the Philippines.

From this program, I have got a lot of new experience, knowledge and wonderful encounters, and spent really productive days. Especially, the insights that finally stayed in my heart were “how ignorant I had been, and how many things I must learn from now on”. Discussing a lot of topics with the people who met through this program made me look back at myself and consider a lot of things that were necessary as a global business leader but lacking in me currently.

I believe those insights are the most important thing that I obtained, and will surely lead my life to better way. In addition, the personal connections that I have obtained through this program, and the strong relationships with the classmates will definitely become my life assets as well.

At the end, I really appreciate for the ABL program, and wish this program would get developed and improved further with each year.

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