Saitou 4

2013 Takashige SAITO
Internship at Indonesia




Why I applied for GBL program is because I would like to acquire not only academic knowledge but practical knowledge, experiences and networks in ASEAN countries where my clients, mainly in manufacturing sector, have become keenly interested in expanding their business.
Regarding my internship in Indonesia for six months, I worked for Japan Asia Consultants (JAC) as an internship trainee and my main task there was supporting business process standardization of JAC.  When I did some interviews with the local staffs to understand their operations, I realized it is not easy to communicate smoothly with them without understanding the local language, Bahasa Indonesia.
In addition to the internship experiences, I studied Indonesian research and consulting business in GBL program.  I could do final presentation with confidence because I got insightful advices from my supervisor of Institut Teknologi Bandung and did field interviews repeatedly according to the advices.
My experiences and networks through GBL program help my current business activities.  For example, I have had several opportunities to co-work with Skha Consulting, I got to know through GBL program activities.  Finally, I would like to express my appreciation to Kyoto University, Institut Teknologi Bandung and all other people related with my activities for giving me this fruitful opportunity.

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