kaifu 3

2013 Yusuke KAIFU

Internship at Indonesia



I had valuable experiences through Asian Business Leadership program which I could not have during my works in Japan.
I wish to express my deepest appreciation for all staffs of Kyoto University, Universitas Indonesia, my internship company, and my belonging company, who supported me during the program.
The experiences through my internship cultivated my intuitions. I spent 6 months with Indonesian colleagues in a local bank in Indonesia. I realized that they respect their superiors’ way more than Japanese do. I also learned how Indonesians behave in their decision making process in their company and how superiors and subordinates communicate each other in Indonesian company.
After I finished ABL program, I have been assigned to a division which assists Japanese companies’ oversea expansion. I am also taking responsibility for matching between ASEAN and Japanese companies. The negotiation with oversea companies often stops, or even fails because of the cultural differences and distance. When I have faced those cases and thought about solutions, I often felt that my experiences in Indonesia help me to figure out why those cases happen.
I wish to continue assisting Japanese companies’ expansion and to foster collaborative relationships between ASEAN and Japanese companies by utilizing my experiences in ABL program.