The course aims to cultivate human resources, capable of business expansion and new business development in Asian countries, by use of the research achievements in the field of local situations, history, societies, cultures, economics, industries and administrative structures in Asian countries which were accumulated through “Asia Business Leader Development Endowment Course (ABL)” from 2012 to 2014.

To this end, the ABL invites a number of lecturers, who are prominent researches and top management of major enterprises from the Asian countries, to analyze the characteristics and success business cases in the country/industry to clarify priority actions to make successful business there. In addition to the lectures, the ABL conducts mid- and long-term internship at the major enterprises in the Asian country, which enables the interns to build close relationship with enterprises, governmental organizations, etc. on site, and which dramatically improves their ability to develop business in the country. Thus the course provides an unprecedented educational program and implements human resources development together with the ABL participant enterprises.

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